We are steadily moving into Fall. The Equinox was almost a month ago now, ushering us into the time of year of longer nights. The time of the Equinox has long been a time of harvest. Gathering the fruits of the seeds that had been sown in the Spring and Summer and celebrating all that had been provided through the cultivation of those seeds and the soil. In many traditions, this is also a time of year to reflect upon the figurative seeds of ideas that were planted in the Spring and Summer and what results have come about at this turn of season.

As I reflected on this near the end of September, it was clear to me that this project – this website that holds this entry – is the fruit and realization of ideas and visions that were planted, worked and cultivated in the Spring and throughout the Summer. In this contemplation, the timing of this project and this offering could not have been more perfect.

It feels like a great unfolding and opening of a new door on my life’s journey. How grateful and fortunate I am to be able to share more of what I love through this medium and this project.

It is with a heart overflowing with joy, excitement, love and gratitude that I say, “Welcome!”

Reaping What’s Been Sown