Sankalpa = “intention”

                   Sankalpa is both our root intention and our highest aspiration, it is the heart’s deepest desire.

Mudra = “gesture, seal”

Sankalpa Mudra = “gesture of intention”



How to do it:

Sit in a comfortable, supported seat with a tall spine and your hands resting on your thighs. Turn your left palm up and draw it across your body through your heart center, rest the back of your left hand on your right thigh. Lift your right hand up and place your right palm into your left gently squeezing your hands together.


Benefits of Sankalpa Mudra:

As the left hand passes through the heart center, it calls upon our courage to hear and listen to our deepest heart calling.  The mudra joins courage and clarity, instinct and intuition. It helps us to crystalize our intention and then open to the creative flow to manifest that intention into the world.


Sankalpa Mudra