Mudra = “seal,” “gesture”


Ganesha is “the remover of obstacles,” and “lord of new beginnings”


Ganesha Mudra = “Remover of Obstacles Gesture”


How to do it:

Place your left hand, palm facing outward and thumb down, in front of your heart. Place your right hand, palm facing towards you and thumb up, in front of your left hand. Bend your fingers and hook the fingers of each hand into one another. Maintain the clasp and pull your hands gently apart to create a solid clasp.

You may practice with the mudra as described above, sitting with it for as long as you like.

Alternatively, create Ganesha mudra, and as you inhale fully, filling your lungs and expanding your chest, slightly soften the pull between your hands. As you exhale pull the hands into one another. Repeat this 3-6 times, then change your hand position – right palm facing out, left palm facing your heart – and repeat on the second side 3-6 times. Release your hands and rest in your breath, noticing whatever sensations or feelings that may arise.


Benefits of Ganesha Mudra:

Opens the chest and heart. Facilitates deep breathing. Bolsters courage, confidence, and will-power. Breaks up stuck energies in the heart. Invokes warmth and a sense of care for and openness towards yourself and others.



Ganesha Mudra