JanusA few weeks ago, I read an article that referenced the Roman god Janus, the ancient god of the threshold that watches over doorways and gates. The god of beginnings and endings. He is portrayed as having two faces, one that looks to the past and one toward the future, representing a moment of transition.

It seemed appropriate that I discovered him right before a new year. With 2015 just passed and our stepping into 2016, we are on that threshold, the place between an ending and a beginning.

Before I had learned about Janus, a practice had been shared with me. Often times, we make our new year’s resolutions solely by looking forward. Thinking about what it is we want to do more of or change in the upcoming year. This particular practice, however, had you look back first, over all your accomplishments, challenges overcome, and successes of the previous year before looking forward.

By looking back upon our successes, we feel supported and emboldened to turn to the future. To move towards our goals and dreams, remembering we hold the strength, courage and skills to face upcoming challenges and obstacles.

At this threshold, I invite you to move with grace into the great unknown potential that lies ahead and within you, knowing you are held by all you have already uncovered.

At the Threshold