Abhaya hrdaya mudra is the “fearless heart mudra.”                      abhaya hrdaya mudra

Abhaya means “fearless.”

Hrdaya means “heart, essence, core, center” of something.

Mudra means “gesture or seal.”

I like to think of mudras as energy circuits. When we work with mudras, the gestures we make with our hands (sometimes with our whole bodies), we work into the subtle, energetic levels of our being. Mudras can begin to move energy in a certain way in our bodies, unblock stuck energies, they can begin cultivate a certain quality of energy depending on the mudra we work with.

Abhaya hrdaya mudra, which I learned from my teacher, Sianna Sherman, works to cultivate a fearlessness to connect to and stand in our heart and our Truth. We connect to our heart, our center, and build courage and strength to settle into and show up from there.

To do this mudra, bring your right hand in front of your heart, palm facing to the left. Cross your left wrist in front of your right wrist, left palm facing to the right, and the backs of your hands together. Wrap, or hook, your right index finger around your left index finger, wrap your middle fingers around each other, skip your ring fingers, wrap your little fingers around each other. Then, bring the tip of your ring finger to touch the tip of your thumb on each hand.  (Note: some people find it easier to begin the wrap from the little fingers, to the middle fingers, to the index fingers.)

Use this mudra to build courage and to connect, with fearlessness, to your heart and your heart’s truth.

Abhaya Hrdaya Mudra