A 5-Week Series to Better Backbends

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Do you want to better your backbends and backbend practice? Join Julie for this 5-week series of a progressive exploration and practice of backbends. Inspired by recent work with her teacher Christina Sell, we’ll alternate between practices focused on form, biomechanics, and alignment, and flow-based practices in which we’ll incorporate the work from the Form practices into mindful, more dynamic movement and Flow. In the pulse and play between Form + Flow, we have the opportunity to explore the poses from different aspects and experiences that, then, opens the possibility to deeper understanding and relationship to the poses, our bodies, our minds, and hearts. In this dive into the world of backbends, we’ll cultivate skill, strength, opening into our bodies and our hearts, and have fun along the way!

Tuesdays + Thursdays, May 21-June 20


The Yoga Fitness Center   123 W Alder St., Missoula, MT

Cost: $75 for 10-class series

 Register through The Yoga Fitness Center

Form and Flow: The Evolution